Data sheet: Fillogy Flowable S (Art. 301019)



Machine for the dosed filling of viscous and products into small containers,
• Gelée Royale, lotions, concealers and foundations
• Finger nail-UV-Gel, hair colours
• Polishing gel/-cream, water-soluble lacquers, artist colours
(oil/acryl/gouache), wood glue
• Colour and aroma pastes for the food industry
Main field of application: filling of container sizes from 10 to 100g

Customer benefit

High-precision and effective dosing of products that are difficult to fill by hand

Operating conditions

Hours of operation per day: 8
Days of operation per week: 5
Ambient temperature: 10 – 40°C

Technical Data

Nominal voltage: 24 V DC (power supply for 220 V enclosed)
Power consumption: 30 – 240 W
Motor speed: 50 – 250 rpm
Footprint: width 350 mm x depth 350 mm
Total height: 700 mm
Height under filling nozzle: 10 – 370 mm
Weight: 12.7 kg (without power supply)
Dosage with step size
• 0.1 g: 0.1 – 49.9 g
• 1.0 g: 50.0 – 32,500.0 g
Filling accuracy: Maximum 1 % deviation
Maximum suction lift: n. a.
Maximum volume flow: 800 ml/min
Filling temperature: 2 – 95°C

Triggering of the filling process

Foot switch (included)
Frame switch (included)
Sensor (optional for operation with rotary table)


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